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Our practice maintains the view that each individual must walk their own chosen path and indeed has a responsibility to do so without blindly following the dictates of others nor preaching the "right way" to others. For this reason the teacher is expected never to place themselves above their students and to work alongside them as a fellow sufferer or struggler. All teachers are students and all students are teachers by the example they set others.

Johnny Fincham

I started yoga way back in 1985, initially as a way of keeping out of bars and clubs. I started teaching it around 1991. I love the beautiful honesty of yoga - the way it reflects the mental and emotional processes. Through regular practice you become sensitive to the subtle eddies in the processes of the body mind.. Yoga is life, in its purest, raw form. It's a way of engaging in the flow of experience that is richer, deeper and more meaningful..


I have been involved in yoga for over 9 years. I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order last year and also lead classes and courses on Buddhism and Meditation at the Norwich Buddhist Centre.I find that yoga and meditation are mutually beneficial. The effects on my yoga practice are far more noticeable as the mind calms and relaxes through meditation so does my experience in the postures. The yoga in turn helps keep my body healthy and supple which has the same effect on the mind when it comes to meditation.

Emma Boswell. I have a background in dance, gymnastics and acrobatics, which I studied from the age of 3. I've done dynamic yoga for 12 years.. Dynamic yoga introduced me to meditation techniques which have a calming effect on my mind which translates into all other aspects of my life. Dynamic yoga has significantly improved my concentration, stamina and strength, and has given me a far more positive outlook on life.


Lindsay Venn A hectic lifestyle led me to discover the benefits of dynamic yoga. As the name suggests, this particular form is less static than traditional styles, which appealed to me having trained in modern dance. Balanced with calming postures and meditation, regular practice nurtures strength in both mind and body whilst bringing peace within. By teaching Dynamic Yoga I hope to help faciliate in people a holistic freedom, allowing them to meet lifes challenges with confidence and enjoy it to its full potential."

. Sally Glover A friend persuaded me to go along to a dynamic yoga class she'd seen advertised. I'd tried yoga before and it hadn't really clicked with me but this yoga was different and I was hooked from the very first class. I enjoyed it so much that I later decided to train as a teacher.  I continue to develop my practice and I still enjoy the physical benefits of holding the postures and stretching.  But I also appreciate the other benefits yoga brings to my life, through being mindful and present.  Yoga just makes me happy!.

Alison Armstrong I took up yoga on holiday 14 years ago. I always come away from a yoga session feeling energized and healthier in body, mind andspirit. I always feel 'looser limbed' calmer, and more focused, after yoga, irrespective of how I arrived

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